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Little Dot Studios partners with Dubformer for Spanish language factual push

Little Dot Studios partners with Dubformer for Spanish language factual push

Award-winning digital media network, Little Dot Studios, has partnered with Dubformer, an AI dubbing start-up, to localise and dub 100 hours of broadcast quality YouTube programming from English to Spanish.

Following a surge in demand for premium factual content in the Spanish speaking areas of the U.S. and mainland Spain, Little Dot Studios has kickstarted the process with Dubformer with the aim to deliver 6 series and 10 one-offs to new territories and audiences by the end of the year. With interest specifically in the True Crime genre, initial titles to be localised (with voice-over) include the likes of  Exhibit A, Australian Crime Stories and Conman Case Files. Audiences will be able to access the content as multi-language audio tracks on the YouTube channels Real Crime and Real Stories, as well as dedicated Spanish-language channels Crimen e Investigación and Real Stories En Español. As well as using AI dubs of programmes for its YouTube channels, Little Dot Studios is also actively exploring using AI dubs alongside dubbed programmes to create new non-English FAST channels.

Alex Hryniewicz, Director of Content at Little Dot Studios, commented: “We’re constantly reviewing trends and viewing habits across the platforms and territories and AI dubbing provides us with a cost-effective, quick turnaround and scalable opportunity to enter new markets. Not only does it allow us to service the existing demands of viewers but it also allows us to test genres with new audiences and find new potential revenue streams for IP owners allowing their content to travel further.” 

Anton Dvorkovich, CEO at Dubformer, said: “We take pride in delivering industry-standard, end-to-end localisation services, including dubbing and voice-over, to content owners. Through our partnership with Little Dot Studios, we can demonstrate that AI dubbing is ready for premium content, thanks to the collaboration between advanced AI technology and our professional proof-listeners. This approach not only ensures 99% accuracy, but also allows us to operate with greater efficiency compared to traditional dubbing studios. As the industry evolves, we anticipate a surge in AI-dubbed content, projecting a total of 5 million minutes by the end of 2024.”

Little Dot Studios is an All3Media company. This article was originally written for Little Black Book, and the original article can be seen here.