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Absolute History

Absolute History

Absolute History is Little Dot’s home of fun, shocking and interesting tales from throughout history. Whether it is delving into the secrets of the Labyrinth and the Ancient Origins of the Minotaur, or exploring the extraordinary life of Queen Victoria.

Absolute History is the place to be for all inquisitive history buffs who want to find out more about what life was like in different time periods, taking into account both the limitations and the curiosities of those centuries. With Absolute History, the audience's passion is for living and social history, with documentaries about real, everyday life in different periods of history proving consistently popular. 

Our channel shines the light on life as it was, bringing you shows such as Edwardian Farm, Victorian Pharmacy or Suzannah Lipscomb's 'Hidden Killers', all with a view to unravelling the dangers and details of everyday life throughout the past. By breathing new life into past TV content, we are able to deliver a whole new take on documentaries and shows that many may not have previously seen or existed, all on demand for you to watch at your own pace. By offering a range of content, from full documentaries to short insightful clips, there is something for everyone, whether you want something interesting at a pinch or are having a cozy night in. 

Absolute History Slavery Painting

With over 1 million subscribers and 100M total views, Absolute History is one of the flagship channels in the Little Dot Network, and has been entertaining the curious minds of its audience since 2019. Our dedicated team of content creators, producers, channel managers and many more are passionate about the content we deliver, aiming to leave no corner of our history untouched. With new content every week, our aim is to serve every niche and cover a broad spectrum of historic content to even those with the most refined historical taste.

Away from YouTube, the Absolute History approach to historical content has found vast audiences on TikTok, where our most viewed videos number in the multiple millions of organic views. By engaging with world-class historical reenactors, we’ve brought visual, living history to TikTok at scale, and the audience appetite has proven to be huge.

Absolute History also provides viewers with the opportunity to connect with fellow historians around the world. By engaging in the comments section, offering your opinion and debating with fellow enthusiasts, you could make connections with people with the same passion and maybe even form lasting connections!

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If we still haven’t filled your historical appetite with our content, why not check out Timeline, for a more sweeping look into some of the more brutal and catastrophic events which shaped the world we live in today. 

If you wish to get in touch with us about Absolute History, whether you have an idea, feedback or just want to let us know that you’re a dedicated subscriber! Please reach out to us at owned-enquiries@littledotstudios.com.

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