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Dan Snow’s History Hit Lays Bare The Scandalous History Of Georgian Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll With Sex Historian, Dr Kate Lister.

Dan Snow’s History Hit Lays Bare The Scandalous History Of Georgian Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll With Sex Historian, Dr Kate Lister.

The new two-part series will air May 16th and June 13th exclusively on streaming service, History Hit.

The latest original series to land on streaming service, History Hit, presents a captivating journey into the scandalous underbelly of Georgian Britain with Dr Kate Lister's new series, "Georgian Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll." This two-part exploration promises to peel back the layers of history, revealing a world far removed from the opulent glamour usually presented to audiences.

Launching with its first episode on May 16th, followed by the second on June 13th, "Georgian Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll" delves deep into the realities of 18th-century life. Renowned sex historian Dr. Kate Lister serves as the guide, unearthing the secrets of a society grappling with issues ranging from syphilis to opium addiction.

The first episode will explore Georgian sexuality, from extraordinary guides to sex work in London and Edinburgh to the history of 18th-century condoms, no stone is left unturned in the quest to reveal the real lives of Georgian society.

The second episode delves into the realm of Georgian drugs and rock ‘n roll. Dr Lister explores the deadly 50-year gin craze, samples Queen Charlotte and Lord Byron's drug of choice, snuff, and explores how Byron became one of the first mass-mobbed celebrities.

Commenting on the series, Founder and Creative Director of History Hit, Dan Snow, said: "‘Georgian Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll’ offers a captivating glimpse into a lesser-explored aspect of history. Dr Kate Lister's expertise brings the era to life, offering viewers a fresh perspective on Georgian society."

Writer, sex historian, and presenter, Dr. Kate Lister, said: "The fabulous wealthy elite of Dukes and Duchesses usually presented on screen look perfectly preened, but in reality, Georgian society was plagued by myriad of issues, from syphilis to opium and gin addictions. Our series aims to uncover the gritty truth behind the romantic facade."

In addition to the SVOD series, Dr. Lister will be releasing a four-part series on her History Hit podcast, ‘Betwixt the Sheets’, covering the 'real Bridgerton,' providing further insight into the fascinating world of Georgian Britain.

Don't miss out on this immersive journey through history. Tune in to "Georgian Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll" on History Hit and join the conversation with #GeorgianSexDrugsRock.

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