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Parable: Religious History Documentaries

Parable: Religious History Documentaries

Launched in 2020, Parable is the Network’s home for world-class religious history documentaries. From archaeological digs in the Holy Land to untold world religious mysteries, Parable explores how religion has shaped the world of today.

From the life and teachings of Confucius to the conspiracies behind the Spanish Inquisition, Parable is the ultimate destination for all religious history content. Parable’s catalogue covers all aspects of religious history, looking at the holy and the condemned throughout the centuries: from the Mayans to Jesus, and from Ancient Egypt to Pope Francis. Parable explores the inexorable link between historical events and religious beliefs, and how the universal quest for the divine has manifested across the world. We take you behind the icons, belief systems, and scandals that have forged the modern world.

Religious history is full of mysteries that historians, archaeologists and cultural theorists are only just beginning to unravel today, and the channel is home to a host of feature-length documentaries that lift the lid on some of the most famous ones. The Lost Ark Of The Covenant: Can It Really Be Found? explores the secrets and mystery of the box which famously once contained the Ten Commandments. Whilst The Mysteries Of The Dead Sea Scrolls, unravels the shocking discoveries of new biblical fragments that challenge the very beliefs of Judaism. 

If you’re more interested in what religion has to offer in today’s world, the channel has you covered. From the notorious religious cults of the 1960s in California, to intimate documentaries on what it’s like being a nun today in Britain, the channel offers a fascinating glimpse into religion’s place in society today. Series like Reverse Missionaries show how religious leaders of today can learn something new from the lives and lessons of their forefathers.


If full-length documentaries aren’t so much your thing, Parable is also home to bite-sized religious history content via Youtube Shorts. Learning how Tudor nuns cured a cold, or how Adam and Eve shaped modern gender roles, is all available at the tap of a button on the Shorts tab on Youtube. Our team of content experts ensure that all uploads are of the highest quality, and with up to three a week, we ensure that you are never short of something to watch.

Whether you are a religion fanatic or just looking to learn something new, Parable has something for everyone. Start a discussion with people in the comments section, join in on our weekly polls, or just let us know you’re watching! We hope our videos bring like-minded people together and give the opportunity to form connections with different people from all over the world. 

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