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Sunflower TV: A New Dedicated YouTube Channel for Ukrainian Refugee Children

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Sunflower TV (СОНЯШНИК ТБ) is here 🌻

The non-profit YouTube channel has been created for Ukrainian children who have been displaced due to the ongoing conflict. It will house over 200 hours of content, including British children’s programmes which have been dubbed into Ukrainian, such as Peppa Pig, Mr Bean, and Thomas & Friends.

The aim of the channel is to offer entertainment and respite for the child refugees who have been forced to leave their homes. It’s been a huge pleasure to launch such a meaningful project, and to be working so closely with our peers across the industry 🇺🇦

Dr Olesya Khromeychuk, director of the Ukrainian Institute London said: “Children who have lost their homes, friends, and relatives will certainly benefit from having at least some sense of familiarity by being able to access materials in their native language. It is important that children don’t feel their own language is being drowned out as they start rebuilding their lives away from home.”

We would like to include a shout out to all Sunflower TV partners, and the Little Dot staff who worked tirelessly on the launch including Roberta Whitford, Deborah Chang, John Skehill, Matthew Wallace, Jake Wakefield, Panny Artemiou, Rob Colbourne, Matt Milne, Bernadette Youna, Priscilla Garbrah, Miru Kim, Levi De Sousa, Jack Webb, Veselin Radanov, Natalie Justice, Rebeka Nagy, Sabrina Sakhai, Ella Munro, Suzan Asya Yavuz.

Check out the channel here, or if you want to find out more about the project, a link to a full article by the BBC can be found here.