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Ubisoft Podcast Echoes Of History Relaunches On The History Hit Network, With The Announcement Of Assassin’s Creed® Shadows

Ubisoft Podcast Echoes Of History Relaunches On The History Hit Network, With The Announcement Of Assassin’s Creed® Shadows
  • History Hit and Ubisoft announce a partnership to develop and distribute the Echoes of History podcast into an always-on show.
  • The deal extends to a new podcast video format to be distributed on YouTube.
  • The partnership represents an innovative new way for operators in the podcast space to grow and nurture fandom together, rather than view it as a competitive space.

London, 15 May 2024: Ubisoft podcast Echoes of History is now being brought to audiences by History Hit, the makers behind popular podcasts like Dan Snow’s History Hit, Gone Medieval and After Dark. Fans of Assassin’s Creed® will be able to enjoy even more content around the historical characters, events and landmarks that make up the game, as Echoes of History becomes a weekly ‘always-on’ podcast show.  

Starting with the announcement of the latest instalment in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Assassin’s Creed Shadows, set in Feudal Japan, listeners will learn about the period’s politics, cultures, and legendary shinobi and samurai warriors, ensuring they are fully prepared for the launch of Assassin’s Creed Shadows on the (15 November) this year. 

In addition, weekly podcast episodes will be summarised into long-form monthly videos and published to Hit’s YouTube of over 1.15m subscribers, creating a podcast-to-video format that is native for YouTube viewing habits. 

History Hit (owned by Little Dot Studios) and Ubisoft, entered into this on-going partnership based on a mutual ambition to leverage existing strengths and engage wider audiences with the fascinating stories from history that are core to both organisations. By becoming part of the History Hit network, boasting over 8 million monthly listens, Echoes of History will inherit an expansive audience of history enthusiasts. At the same time History Hit will be able to explore a new segment of fans via the globally recognised Assassin’s Creed brand.

“We are thrilled to scale Echoes of History to an always-on format. Joining the History Hit network will allow us to expand our audience and bring new history enthusiasts to our universe through a new type of experience” Julien Fabre, Global Director, TV & Transmedia Content, Business Development.

“Podcasting is an increasingly competitive industry, the struggle to deliver cut-through on a new IP poses significant challenges for podcast production companies.  Partnering with Ubisoft, affords us the opportunity to add our unique expertise and network strength to a show that has already proven popular with both History Hit and Assassin’s Creed fans.” Steve Lanham, Head of Podcasts, History Hit

The updated format will be hosted by historian Matthew Lewis (host of History Hit’s Gone Medieval) in addition to a new regular contributor, historian and game developer, Holly Nielsen, who will bring a unique perspective every month as she compares the real history and the game’s player centric narrative, discussing the intersect between history and entertainment with game creators themselves.  

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